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Research participants are needed for the following studies:


Join the Nolden Sensory Team Database

The Department of Food Science is looking for participants to join a recruitment database for the Sensory Evaluation Laboratory. They are looking for participants who are 18 years old or older, who are not pregnant or breastfeeding, have no known food allergies, do not smoke, and do not have tongue or cheek piercings.  

Participants will receive emails about upcoming studies. Studies will typically require participants to taste and evaluate various food/beverage products or complete online questionnaires. 

Interested in joining the database? 

Follow this link:

Please email if you have questions. 


Online survey: Taste experiences of cancer patients 

Are you a cancer survivor treated in the US?

Contribute to scientific research from the comfort of your own home! Take part in an online survey on your taste experiences. Takes 15-20 minutes and can be accessed on a personal computer or device.  Five $50 gift cards will be raffled off upon the close of the survey.

Follow this link: Study Link

For more information please email